Our mission and core values

At SOS, our mission is to enhance the energy industry with a unique synergy of proven technology and engineering solutions.

Our success is achieved in accordance with our 5 core values. These values help us to define the type of company that we are and will consistently strive to be.

The SOS Team

Our people are at the core of our success and we will develop our business around a valued and motivated workforce. We recognise and reward achievement and have true confidence and belief in our team.

Done Right

We will apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do and will always strive to do the right thing wherever business takes us. No action by SOS will result in harm to any person, the environment or the communities in which we work.

Our Spirit

We enjoy a culture of open communication, encouraging discussion and innovation.

Serious About Service

Our customers will recognise us for our service excellence. When a customer buys or rents a product or service from SOS, they buy a lifetime of knowledge, support, customer service, commitment and expertise.

Communicate Openly

We aim to be open and transparent in everything that we do and communicate freely with ourselves, our partners, our clients and our employees.

Committed to Quality

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